For this year’s 8th grade science fair, students performed experiments in the classroom and then shared their findings with the rest of the school.

Each student picked a subject that interested them. Check out a few project highlights below:

Tyler Nelson

Tyler’s project examined various types of water and their effects on plants and plant growth.

Riley Vass

Riley tested the longevity of perfume with and without the use of petroleum jelly.


Kalkedan Woldesenbet

Kalkedan conducted an experiment to determine whether white or clear glue would produce superior slime.

Quinnajha Baker

Quinnajha worked with ice cream, testing the rate at which various flavors melted.

Bosco Nzabara

Bosco conducted a test to determine whether a balloon or a rubber band would serve as a better propellant for a model car.

Hannalia Siu Ebar

Hannalia tested how various substances would affect the melting speed of ice.

Upper School Science teacher, Mrs. Angela Crawley, led our 8th grade students in their Science Fair projects.

We were all so proud of how hard they worked to create presentations of their findings from this year’s science class.

As our Dean of Upper School, Sarah Arensman, shared: “Students selected a scientific topic to research and formulated a related hypothesis to test. The end result was a formal research paper, a visual display of the experiments, and an oral presentation. On the day of the Science Fair, Brookstone students and teachers of all grades visited the Fellowship Hall to hear our 8th graders explain their projects and answer questions. Congratulations to Mrs. Crawley and our 8th graders on an excellent job!”