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Community of opportunity

Our students, their families, our staff, and our volunteers work together to give students the best opportunities.

A whole lot of fun

Our volunteer opportunities are fun for everyone. You will love the time you spend at Brookstone.

A meaningful impact

Your commitment of time to Brookstone students will make a lasting impact in their lives. It’ll impact yours as well.

Welcome to Brookstone Schools!

Amazing things are happening here due in large part to the more than 300 men and women who invest their time, and ultimately their hearts in our students and teachers. Since our founding in 2001, we’ve known there would be no way to nurture and grow future leaders of Charlotte on our own – we need YOU to come alongside us to encourage and support all that God is cultivating in these students.

This year our spiritual focus as a school will be on the fruit of the spirit. We seek to impact the lives of the student body, that they may partake of and express the fruit of God’s Holy Spirit. For the academic semesters we seek to offer challenging and creative volunteer projects that are gospel centered and student focused.

This year’s focus will be directed toward opportunities to engage in a classroom setting rather than with individual students. By this approach, we want to adapt our services to the unique needs of an entire grade level. If you have completed an application with us, contact volunteer@brookstoneschools.org for more information and login credentials for our live “needs board”.

If you haven’t yet visited Brookstone, we would love to host you for a visit to tell you more about our program and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to send our Director of Development, Sarah Boynton, an email at any time. We welcome you to step inside and learn more!

For our visitor and volunteer policy click here.

Teacher Support

Classroom Helpers

Check the current needs board to see where teachers are asking for help in the classroom. Needs might include: Help during special activities, clerical support, classroom or grade level parties, donations of special supplies, etc.

Lunch Leaders

Chaperone a lunch period any day of the week.

Culture Impact

Fun Friday

Volunteer to lead a celebration event on a Friday afternoon. Free and easy celebrations are our goal. Primary focus is to create an activity for lower school students to look forward to each week. (ex. Scavenger hunts, team building activities, etc)


Offer after school support with homework help and tutoring

Parents Prayer Team

For parents to meet weekly to cover the school in prayer.


Volunteer to assist in the tasks that give students a leg up in their path to High School success.

Field Day

Our greatest need is for volunteers to cover the game stations.  Our goal is to have two adults per game station and we will have 16 stations, same as last year.  If, however, your schedule would only allow for a limited service time, we could use help in the following areas as well:

Help set up all the game stations on the field before students arrive

  • Pick up the Chick-fil-a lunch order and deliver to Charlotte Christian (it will be prepaid)
  • Help set up and serve lunches
  • Walk the field during game time and check with teachers to take students to and from the restroom or if a student needs to visit the nurse.
Below is the schedule of events –
Friday, May 19 at Charlotte Christian:
  • 8:00      Arrive at Charlotte Christian to help with game set up
  • 8:40      Welcome and game station assignments
  • 9:00      Games begin with 8-minute intervals
  • 11:45    Games end and students are taken to the lunch spot
  • 12:30    Closing
  • 1:15      Students take bus back to Brookstone

Student Partnership

Lunch Buddies

Sign up to be a buddy during lunchtime! Lunch Buddies meet and eat with students during scheduled open lunch times. Need a buddy? Contact us at volunteer@brookstoneschools.org to sign up or to get more information about partnerships and lunch periods. We will partner you with a student or class in the grade level of your preference.

This year, we plan to open up our lunch time every Tuesday for you to join us. The only Tuesdays NOT open for Lunch will be:

March 14th

May 16th

Non-Academic and Extracurricular Support

Office Support

Assist with general office needs like filing and data entry


Assist librarians with reading sessions, book selections and shelving

School Garden

In addition to regular garden maintenance, there are chances to help students plant, weed and harvest in the garden.


Share your passion for photography by capturing the mood and scope of an event or daily class time. A camera can be provided.

Advisory or Planning Committees

Share your talents in event planning or other fundraising needs. A great place to share your passions and strengths.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Step 1: Apply to volunteer

The first step is to fill out the online application. We’ll be in touch to onboard you.

Step 2: Become a part of our community

Brookstone is more than a school. It’s a village of families, educators, and volunteers working together. Brookstone children thrive because everyone in the community gives their very best.


Step 3: Enjoy every visit

Whichever volunteer role you take on, you’ll enjoy getting to know students and contributing to their success.

Hear from our students and volunteers.

During my initial visit to Brookstone, I was immediately impressed by the caliber and quality of the students, teachers and staff that I met during my tour. Through volunteering at the school in the Lunch Buddy Program, I feel I have an opportunity to not only help equip my lunch buddy for success in school and beyond but also have a kingdom impact on the next generation of leaders in this city.

Craig Lowder

Brookstone Volunteer

Nothing brings me greater joy than helping a child know how loved he/she is. The children’s sweet spirits and love for life invigorate me each time I’m at Brookstone.

Beth McGinley

Brookstone Volunteer

Charlotte children deserve a top-notch,
Christ-centered education.

Getting involved will make a lasting impact on you and those you serve.

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