Our Story

Over the Years



  • God plants a vision in our founders for a school to serve under-resourced children in Charlotte. They pray and study models of successful urban schools across the U.S.

Neighborhoods Identified

  • Brookstone’s founders identify two neighborhoods, Briar Creek in east-central Charlotte and Jackson Park in west Charlotte, for the start of the school. Prayerful conversations and planning continue.


  • Brookstone files its articles of incorporation on December 29 and assembles a board. The board begins to recruit staff and students with the goal of opening in August 2001; Suzanne Wilson is hired as Brookstone’s first employee.

Doors Open

  • Brookstone’s doors open at Briar Creek Baptist Church and Jackson Park Ministries with an initial enrollment of 18 students. The schools offer kindergarten and first grade with a plan to add a grade each year through eighth grade.


  • Brookstone consolidates and moves to Urban Restoration Ministries off Remount Road in west Charlotte.

First Graduation

  • Brookstone hosts its first fifth grade graduation with nine students.

Move & Growth

  • Brookstone relocates to Christ Presbyterian Church on Arty Avenue adjacent to Urban Restoration Ministries.
  • Enrollment grows to 106 children as the school adds new grades. Brookstone now offers kindergarten through fifth grade.

Middle School Begins

  • Brookstone moves to Amay James Elementary School, a surplus CMS facility in west Charlotte.
  • Programming expands to offer middle school, including sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. Brookstone also adds its summer camp and literacy program.


  • CMS terminates Brookstone’s lease at Amay James due to the need for classrooms for CMS students.
  • Brookstone Schools finds a new home at First Baptist Church in uptown Charlotte.

First Eighth Grade Graduation

  • Brookstone hosts its first eighth grade graduation with eight students.
  • In its new uptown location, Brookstone expands the volunteer program to include more lunch buddies, classroom assistants, and tutors.
  • IOWA test scores show Brookstone students performing in the 80th percentile when compared with students of similar economic status across the U.S.

Growth with Excellence

  • Brookstone launches the first phase of its ‘Growth with Excellence’ campaign and increases enrollment with the addition of a kindergarten and first grade class.
  • The school also extends its day to offer after school enrichment and tutoring.
  • For the first time, two Brookstone graduates qualify for scholarships to independent high schools.
  • Eight students participate in Solidarity Scholars, a program that provides academic and social support for graduates’ upward mobility and path toward graduation and college.

Reading Proficiency Soars

  • Brookstone adds new second and third grade classrooms, and 88 percent of third graders reach reading proficiency, a benchmark schools use for reading success.
  • Summer camp welcomes 12 Brookstone graduates back to work as staff.

After School Enrichment

  • Brookstone adds additional fourth and fifth grade classrooms, and 91 percent of third graders reach reading proficiency.
  • This year, 65 percent of students participate in after school enrichment, and 19 graduates help with summer camp either as paid staff or volunteers.

Graduate Achievement

  • Six Brookstone graduates have been awarded merit college scholarships since 2013.
  • Brookstone has 21 community partnerships that expand enrichment opportunities for students; 80 percent of the student body participates in after school enrichment.


  • Since 2016, 22 students have received scholarships to independent high schools and 33 students have participated in the Solidarity Scholars program.
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