Thanks to Brookstone Summer Camp directors, Kristy Davis and RayKale Jackson, for their leadership.

Summer camp highlights:

We served over one hundred students.

We employed fifteen counselors, ten of whom were Brookstone Alumni.

We also had seventeen Jr. counselors, all Alumni, and seven volunteers who were Brookstone’s graduates of 2022.

Our theme, motto and action was, To glorify God. We came together and worked hard each day in unity on behalf of our students and families.

The first half of the day consisted of academics. The second half included arts and crafts, physical activities, music, and Bible instruction. By God’s grace, the students were engaged in all of the activities!

The students also enjoyed wonderful field trips, including:

  • Nevins Park
  • Ramsey Creek Park
  • Riverbanks Zoo
  • Lazy 5 Ranch
  • Cane Creek

Each trip had an adventure and excitement all of its own that the students greatly enjoyed.

We ended it all with an End-of-Summer Talent Show. The students exhibited their dancing, singing, gymnastics, and acting skills to the fullest. Click here to see a 1 minute video recap of the show.

Thank you to the many members of the Brookstone community who came together to make Summer Camp a success. From your financial contributions to volunteer support, you were essential. God bless you and your amazing generosity!