For all students, there is a portion of their learning lost during the summer break. For under-resourced students, the “summer slide” is often more pronounced than their better-resourced counterparts. One key way Brookstone helps bridge the opportunity gap for our students is to offer a high-quality summer camp full of academics and enrichment activities.

Put another way, summer is the time when the gap between students of different economic backgrounds widens the most, as depicted here:

At Brookstone, every day of summer camp is a little bit different. We’re careful to keep the fun summer vibe active.

Here’s what students look forward to:

  • Morning Academics especially designed to counteract the “summer slide.” Activities focus on literacy and mathematics.

  • Afternoons are filled with field activities, arts and crafts, music, and games

  • Friday Field Trips full of culture and enrichment. This year we plan to visit Lazy 5 Ranch, the Columbia Zoo, Ray’s Splash Planet, and more!

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