Student Life

Monday Morning Assemblies

The school community gathers together for a 20-minute morning assembly each Monday. These assemblies play a critical role in building community across grades, as the School uses the assemblies to set the tone for the week and to celebrate the students and the many exciting things happening at Brookstone.


Weekly chapel services are a vital part of Brookstone’s mission to develop the faith of its students. Held each Thursday, the services seek to engage students on many different levels–from an age appropriate chapel talk to praise and worship music that is both joyful and vibrant, using songs that students can relate to. 

Head of School, John Murray, introduces our chapel theme for each month, and students hear from various guest speakers from around Charlotte as well. With many different churches represented among the student population, the weekly chapel time is a major unifying factor as students worship, learn, and celebrate their faith together as a school community.

Beyond the Classroom 

Brookstone encourages field trips for its students, as we view out-of-school experiences as an important component of the complete school program.  The purpose of our field trips are to enhance the curriculum by taking students to locations that will increase their appreciation of history, science, the arts,  or other subjects of significance.

Uniforms/Dress Code

In the Lower School (grades K-4), we have a dress code that allows white and/or light blue collared shirts and navy blue pants/shorts for boys and and white/light blue collared shirts/blouses and navy blue skirts/pants/shorts for girls. In the Middle School (grades 5-8), the colors are navy/light blue for shirts/blouses and khaki for shorts/pants/skirts. In the winter, students may wear a Brookstone hoodie or a navy fleece purchased through the school. White or dark athletic shoes or dark colored casual shoes are permitted (No sandals or rollers).

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