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Student Illness Policy

Greetings Brookstone Families,

Any child who is not feeling well or has a fever of 101, vomiting, has a rash, eye infection, or anything that might be contagious should not be sent to school. Children should not return to school after an illness until they are symptom free for 24 hours without medication (except for antibiotics). All communicable diseases, including head lice, should be reported to the Nurse immediately.

Students who become ill or injured at school are responsible for informing their teachers. The School Nurse will then notify their parents. The School Nurse’s Office is available for students who become sick or injured throughout the day. To parents who are new to our school, we welcome you and want you to know that it is our practice to communicate regularly about our procedures for maintaining a safe and healthy school community.

Our decisions are prayerfully guided by our local health officials, the CDC, and consultations with other Christian school leaders in our area and several throughout the state of North Carolina.  Additionally, we are guided by advisement and resources from the following:

  • NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS)
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The ongoing safety measures that we have taken as a school are as follows:  

  • Face coverings continue to be optional for all  students, staff & visitors

 COVID Vaccination and face coverings have proven to be the most effective ways of stopping the transmission of COVID-19.  Therefore, we encourage all of our staff and families to remain vigilant in protecting themselves and the school environment. Parents are encouraged to seek advice from their healthcare provider regarding the merits of vaccination, which we support as a personal decision for each of our families. You should expect that changes could occur at any point before and during the school year in response to guidance from health officials. 

Thanks, School Nurse

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