Brookstone Schools is proud to represent the amazing diversity of Charlotte. As image bearers of God, we are all His workmanship—created in Christ Jesus for good works (Ephesians. 2:10).
To celebrate our beautiful community, we are highlighting some of our students and faculty over the next few weeks.
In this first edition, we’d like to introduce 8th grader, Michael Banke. 
Michael is a talented athlete, star student, gifted leader, and a friend to everyone. After being homeschooled from kindergarten through second grade, his family decided to try Brookstone.
As his mom shared, “Our whole family loves Brookstone; we are all so grateful God led us to it. We know that Michael has benefited from the academic standards and the opportunities teachers provide for students to think through subject material and issues through the lens of a Christian perspective.   We also find the family atmosphere to be beautiful and life giving ! “
Last year Michael and his parents spent the year back in Africa on a mission trip. Michael enjoyed the trip but was ready to come home and re-join the Brookstone community.  Welcome back Michael!
While a transition like this might seem daunting to some, according to Michael, it was easy. He knows Brookstone well and reconnected with friends and teachers right away! 


A well-rounded student, Michael shines in the classroom as well in his extracurriculars. He currently plays for our Brookstone Bulldogs soccer team as a striker and is the second team leader in goals scored. But for Michael–playing soccer is not just about the sport–it’s about being a part of a team. Along these lines, he enjoys spending time with friends outside of class and during practice. 


When asked about his favorite subject and teacher, Michael highlighted Mr. Murray’s History and Bible class. Mr. Murray, also our Head of School, had nothing but praise in return when asked about Michael: “Michael is an outstanding student. He asks great questions and leads many of our class discussions. Its such a blessing to teach a scholar athlete such as Michael. He is a true leader here at Brookstone and has a deep love for Jesus.


In fact, all of Michael’s teachers recognize Michael’s love for God, his friends, and his school family. Michael is definitely leaving his mark at Brookstone.


When asked about Brookstone’s impact on himself, Michael had this to say:


“I’ve improved academically and socially. I’m friends with basically everyone I know here. It’s pretty cool having lots of friends.”


As he looks to high school next year, we pray for Michael and his family, as they seek the best fit. We will look forward to celebrate Michael and his classmates as they graduate this spring, as well as their alumni status for years to come!