An End of Year report from our partners at Christ Centered Community Counseling (C4) starts with the acknowledgment that lives are being saved.

The report refers to how many Brookstone students were hurting this year—including those who struggled with suicidal thoughts. By the grace of God, they are here today!

Along these lines, what a blessing it is to minister to both hearts and souls. At Brookstone, we can share the love of God with our students, pray with them, and point them to Jesus—who saves for eternity.

Normal stressors faced by all students can be amplified when resources are scarce. That is why counseling is one of the critical services our donors have helped us add over the past few years.

And with Jon Baldwin—a Brookstone alumnus and C4 counselor—coming on our staff full-time next year, we will be able to continue with these vital services.

In our mission to help the under-resourced communities around us, academics are only the beginning. Food insecurity, low self-worth, and domestic issues play a major role in a student’s success. 

Since 2021, we have partnered with C4 as an answer to that need. As Jon shares: 

“It is important to be intentional about ensuring students and families are well supported socially, emotionally, and practically. These supports serve as a buffer for the stressors they face on a daily basis and can be essential in times of crisis.”    

Melinda Bell, co-founder of C4, notes, “You cannot teach a child when they are actively triggered by trauma. Without addressing the trauma, we can’t expect a student to cope with daily life.” Studies have shown, unaddressed trauma negatively impacts development of the brain, immune systems and nervous systems in children and teens. This is not a drill. Our students need a trauma informed approach to learning, and Brookstone needs your support. 

This Fall, we are blessed to welcome Jon as an official Brookstone staff member, though our partnership with C4 will remain for family resources. As Jon explains, “Our goal is to ensure that the challenges students, families, and staff experience are acknowledged and that they receive the support they need. This counseling is important to give them their best chance at success in school and in life. It’s been incredibly rewarding to give back to the school that gave me such wonderful opportunities and experiences.” 

We are thankful for the support of our friends at C4 for helping students successfully navigate difficulty. We are thankful to you for for your prayers, as well, and the support that makes Brookstone’s work possible.

To read an article from the Mebane Foundation on the importance of a trauma informed approach, click here. 

Establishing a team to support our students’ holistic needs is a large part of our preparation to serve more students. We need your generous partnership to empower Brookstone to do just that.  Donate here.