Hello Brookstone Family and Friends,

I am Rashanda Broadway, a proud parent of two alumni of Brookstone Schools. Both of my

sons were lifers at Brookstone which means they were there from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

They still continue to be part of the Brookstone family during the summer as they both have

been counselors for Brookstone’s summer camp program.

How did I come to know about Brookstone Schools? Well, I am the owner of a childcare called

Empowering God’s Youth and at that time a parent in my program and myself were looking for

the next school for our children as they aged out of childcare. We searched and interviewed

places and I remember my parents saying, “You have to check out Brookstone, I like it.” I said

Okay–my son got tested by Mrs. Cloud and we were on our way. When we first attended, the

school was located in a church off of Wilkinson Blvd. Soon my other son began attending

Brookstone as well.

My sons learned so much from Brookstone. They were challenged spiritually and academically.

They had teachers that truly cared about them and their success as individuals and learning.

Brookstone promoted healthy living such as having them drink water and eat healthy lunches, which my sons still do to this day. Brookstone gave my boys a sense of community where they

can feel safe.

I have to speak about the amazing support Brookstone has been to my family. Brookstone is

not just a school that educates. Brookstone has been very resourceful in so many capacities.

My boys were afforded the opportunity to be a part of Solidarity Scholars, a program that has also

supported my son’s high school success.

Brookstone’s awareness to assist families with social and economic gaps lightened some family stressors which created an environment for my children to be children and learn. 

Brookstone is a school that supports and provides love

and well-rounded values to promote spiritual and educational tools to children and

families. This is what ensured optimal success. This is the foundational seed in my boys’ life

that continues to keep them disciplined and able to take on the challenges socially and in higher


With the experiences, skills and challenges that were built during their time at Brookstone it

gave my boys the capacity to expand. For example one of my sons received a scholarship at

his high school for his character during his time at the school. Based on the skills and

foundation of studying from Brookstone, my son as a Freshman in college had a 4.0 GPA. My

other son is also disciplined in studying. He challenges himself to do his best. He balances out

sports and academics and he deals with social challenges in high school with right counsel and


Outside of the classroom, like I stated earlier, both of my boys have received working

experiences as counselors. My oldest son was also placed in a paid internship, promoted and

encouraged by the administration from Brookstone.

I am more than Grateful for a school like Brookstone in my family’s life. It does take a village to

raise our children and this is truly a village full of love, life and peace. Thank you Brookstone for

all you have done and continue to do!


Broadway Family