Dear Friend,

This year at Brookstone, the LORD has blessed us with the ability to expand our services to students in a number of areas. In addition to our new middle school sports program, we have not only added a counseling team but a full-time school nurse to support our students as well.

Recently, our principal Amy Beigel shared some wonderful stories about our new nurse, Shelley Youngblood, R.N. Affectionally known as “Nurse Shelley”,” she has already developed a number of relationships with our students. We thought you might enjoy Mrs. Beigel’s stories about Nurse Shelley as much as we did!

“It has been a blessing to watch Nurse Shelley in action and to see the students embrace her as Brookstone’s first school nurse!

She began the year getting to know students by making classroom visits and reading the picture book, “The School Nurse from the Black Lagoon”. It didn’t take long for them to feel comfortable and cared for. In addition to being a very skilled and experienced nurse, Nurse Shelley has transformed our new school office with her decorating skills and also with her beautiful ways of handling students and visitors.

Shelley said, “One of the sweet things about my job is the students who are happy to see me (even if I’m always telling them to pull up their masks)—and the hugs.

“This little one was excited one day when she saw my Converse sneakers. ’Nurse Shelley, can you wear those on Monday so we can match?’”

Another parent told me, her daughter calls her “my Nurse Shelley.”

We are thankful to have another wonderful role model for our students!

Please keep Nurse Shelley in your prayers, as she watches over the health and safety of our students and staff.”

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! We pray that you and your family have a blessed fall.

Sincerely yours,

John Murray
Head of School
Brookstone Schools