Responsibilities and Minimum Expectations:

The following functions are considered essential to this position:

  • Coach will plan a regular program of training and attend all practices, competitions, meetings and activities
  • Unless otherwise excused, each person accepting a coaching assignment will be expected to attend all practices and games, parent meetings or teacher conferences, awards events, and meetings called by the administration or Athletic Director, including but not limited to a pre-season coach’s meeting and a pre-season parent/athlete meeting
  • Supervise student athletes in tryouts, practices, competitions, other outings until student’s transportation arrives. Maintains discipline, addresses grievances and work to create good morale, cooperation and team unity
  • Provide training rules and any other regulations and requirements to each athlete
  • Dedicate approximately 6-8 hours per week during regular season
  • Initiates program and follows policies concerning injuries, medical attention and emergencies including the completion of proper forms and reporting requirements
  • Coordinate with Athletic Director regarding student suspension and related communication with parents
  • Accountable for all equipment and submits to Athletic Director notice of any equipment lost or not returned. Submits an annual inventory and records of equipment

Minimum Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Professing Christian
  • Minimum two years coaching experience
  • Reputable background working with youth

Physical Requirements:

  • Frequent sitting, bending, kneeling, squatting, climbing, pushing and pulling
  • Continuous standing and walking
  • Occasional reaching and fine motor skills
  • Repetitive motion of ankles and knees