At Brookstone, all of our kindergarteners are stars and we want to celebrate them! Meet one of this year’s stars, Aubree Davis.

Aubree was reserved when she first started at Brookstone, but she is now opening up and doing really well academically. 


Her teacher, Miss Walker says:

“Aubree is a blessing to have in the classroom. She is kind, joyful and has the sweetest personality. During her time at Brookstone she has flourished both academically and spiritually.  She is amazing her teachers with her ability to read words with 5 sounds and has memorized 50+ sight words! She is a friend to all in the classroom and loves like Jesus does. Her teachers are so proud of her progress.” 


What a blessing! Please join us in congratulating all of our 2022/23 stars.


Also, check out the video below of Ms. Montgomery’s kindergarten class. As image bearers of God, they boldly affirm that “I am enough!”