As we celebrate the end of a great year and prepare to enroll 30 new students in the fall, we invite you to meet a “Brookstone Lifer” you are going to love.

Egypt Maxwell-Wright is one of our recent graduates who was a part of Brookstone from kindergarten through eighth grade. Last Thursday, Egypt graduated from Brookstone Schools, a community she called home since she was in Kindergarten.

Mrs. Danciu, Egypt’s 8th grade teacher, shared some highlights:

Like all of our students, COVID pushed Egypt to adapt to a new learning environment. I was so surprised to discover that Egypt had organized all of her school emails by teacher and subject. She mastered the ability to clearly communicate with all her teachers and submit her work online with ease. She took clear ownership of her education even during all the chaos.

Egypt is very determined. She has a strong drive to be successful and improve her work. She is very funny and enjoys making others laugh with her insightful observations.

Egypt finished third in her class. She is competitive, which will drive her to have a higher ranking in high school. She is also very resourceful. She independently looked up terms or examples to help effectively answer her homework questions in depth.

”We talked to her mom, who shared about her daughter’s opportunity at Brookstone. “One of the greatest impacts that Brookstone has had is the Christian foundation they have laid. It truly does take a village to raise a child and Brookstone has been a great village.”

Egypt is going to Charlotte Christian next year and we look forward to continuing to support her through the Pathways Program.Her vision for her future is inspirational: “I want to be a surgeon. Cardiothoracic or neurosurgery. I will probably pursue neurosurgery though.”

Friend, even as we celebrate Egypt and her classmates this week, we believe Brookstone is meant to play a growing role in shaping Charlotte’s future. We want you to be a part of it. During June, our goal is to raise $100,000 to help as we meet the needs of the 30 new students we expect to enroll for the coming year.

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