Bridge the opportunity gap

Great schools should be accessible to all children.

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High quality education

Challenging K-8 academics are a solid foundation for a child’s future life of leadership and service.

Christ-centered environment

At Brookstone, we know that all children bear God’s image. We partner with under-resourced families to educate children spiritually, socially, and academically.

Affordable price

School fees are adjusted based on family income. A great education should be accessible to all children.

When good public schools are inaccessible and private schools are unaffordable, under-resourced families are stuck without options for their children’s education. It’s frustrating and disheartening.

Every child deserves an outstanding education.

We seek to equip students with faith, virtue, and knowledge.

At Brookstone, we know that all children bear God’s image. We partner with under-resourced families to educate children spiritually, socially, and academically. Students benefit from gifted teachers, small class sizes, highly trained tutors, and weekly chapel. We also offer after-school and academic summer programs. Every Brookstone child is known and understood.

Gifted Teachers

Our teachers have an average of over 8 years of teaching experience. All are certified and over 40% have advanced degrees. Learn more

Small Class Sizes

The maximum class size kindergarten through third grade is 13 students. The maximum class size fourth through eighth grade is 18 students. 

Weekly Chapel

Instruction is infused with Biblical truth and reinforced through consistent study of Scripture, daily prayer, and regular chapel services.

90% of third graders achieved reading proficiency by year-end

compared to 48.7% of their peers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

99% of our alumni have graduated high school

compared to 82.6% of their peers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. 

Students who lack proficiency in reading are 4x more likely to become high school dropouts.

Our investment doesn’t end with 8th grade graduation.

High School

  • Our Pathways program is designed to place students in high-performing schools after Brookstone.
  • We continue to advocate for them throughout their secondary education.
  • Since 2014, 99% of our alumni have graduated high school, compared to 82.6% of their peers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.


  • Some Brookstone students are the first in their families to go to college.
  • Our graduates have attended the University of North Carolina, the United States Air Force Academy, Virginia State University, and many other notable insitiutions.

If you’re like us, you believe many more children deserve to thrive and succeed.

It will take all of us.

Here’s how to become a part of Brookstone Schools:

Step 1: Get to know us.

Read through our website, watch our videos, attend our events, and subscribe to our updates and sign up for a Lunch & Learn.

Step 2: Invest.

Our families pay what they can afford, and we rely on the whole Brookstone community to bridge the gap. Your sponsorship helps make an outstanding education accessible. 

Step 3: Become a part of our community.

Brookstone is more than a school. There are many opportunities to volunteer, including lunch buddies, tutoring, and classroom assistants.

The Mebane Foundation has been a strong financial supporter and thought partner of Brookstone Schools for many years. I’ve traveled around North Carolina and visited 100’s of public, charter and private schools, and while the quality of programs and leadership can vary from one to the next I can honestly say that Brookstone Schools is the best of the best. I like to say they have found ‘The Secret Sauce.’ Families and their children in the Charlotte area are truly blessed to have access to such an amazing community partner.

Larry C. Colbourne

President, Mebane Foundation

Brookstone’s Mission is vital in helping the young generation of students succeed in many facets of

Education. Character. Faith.

Small class sizes gives students an opportunity for a high level of educational teacher-student

Students are taught respect, courtesy and appreciation. My visits to Brookstone include a handshake, a
smile and words of appreciation from my “Partner” students. They follow up my visit with a handwritten note of thanks for supporting their education.

It is heart-warming to witness students growing in Christian faith. Each lunch visit includes a prayer
before the meal.

M.C. Hawes

Akers Foundation

Partner with us to provide many more children with a high quality, Christ-centered education at an affordable price.

Every child is an image-bearer of God with the potential for a joy-filled future of leadership and service. Many Charlotte children are stuck on the wrong side of the opportunity gap. Be a part of the solution! 


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