As we finish a one-of-a-kind school year for Brookstone, we are thankful. Under-resourced Charlotte students have continued to learn and thrive, with about 85% of our students attending in-person since September. We praise God for blessing our school.

This week, our graduating eighth graders prepare to enter private and public high schools, knowing we’ll continue to walk with them through our Pathways Program. Praise the Lord!

We have had the most active admissions season ever with next year’s student roster filling up faster than ever before. We look to Brookstone’s future with excitement. Praise the Lord!

Clearly, Brookstone is meant to play a growing role in shaping Charlotte’s future. We want you to be a part of it. During June, our goal is to raise $100,000 to help as we meet the needs of the 30 new students we expect to enroll for the coming year.

This month, we’ll tell you about Egypt, who graduates this week. You’ll also meet Robina, who is finishing kindergarten against tremendous odds. We’ll share about the parents we have met during this admissions season who have searched all over Charlotte and discovered that Brookstone is truly the best option for their child.

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Celebrate with us, and help us say “yes!” to more students.

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