Siti accepting her honor Society certificate.

Brookstone’s 2020 Christmas card, by Siti Oo.

As we celebrate the end of a great year and prepare for the upcoming 2022-2023 school season, we invite you to meet Siti Oo, one of our talented 2022 graduates.A gifted artist, you you may recognize Siti’s work, as she has won the school-wide Christmas card competition two years in a row using her medium of choice— colored pencil.

Although Siti’s family is originally from Myanmar, she was born in Malaysia and moved around Asia much of her first year of life. Her father continually describes the miracles of how God provided for her family during that season—including their arrival in the U.S., when she was around two years old.While relocating as a young child can be tough, Siti is thriving!She began her academic career in a public school in Charlotte and transferred to Brookstone in 4th grade. She has done very well academically, finishing third in her class and as a member of the Brookstone Honors Society. Siti will be attending high school at Covenant Day School this fall.

When asked about what she loves most about Brookstone, Siti shared how the teachers work with students to help them succeed. She also appreciates all the opportunities available to students, as well as the school events that provide student leadership roles.An anonymous Brookstone benefactor noticed Siti’s talent and offered to pay for private art school. As a result, she is attending classes this summer with a 1:6 teacher to student ratio, two hours a week for 8 weeks. What a gift!Siti’s family also recognizes and supports her artistic goals. Their encouragement has inspired her to consider owning her own art studio some day.Along these lines, we know that an excellent education extends beyond traditional academic subjects. At Brookstone, providing opportunities for students to explore and develop their talents in the arts are critical, as we seek to equip them for future lives of leadership and service.Thank you for investing in students like Siti.