Partner Testimonials

I was first introduced to Brookstone in 2007 when a friend invited me to come with her to see the annual Christmas musical. When I saw the school’s mission in action, the Christian focus and the remarkable way things were structured to help children succeed, I 'signed up' right away! I have been Brianna’s Partner since she was in first grade.  I have loved being her Partner and Lunch Buddy and getting to know her classmates. Brianna’s family has become "family" to my husband Stuart and me, and our daughters as well.
The more time I spend at Brookstone, the more I realize how special these kids are and how much this school, from the teachers to the senior faculty to the volunteers, are committed to creating a life changing experience for each of these students.  As a Partner and Lunch Buddy, I’ve had an opportunity to be a part of that mission, and over time have gotten to know both the boy I sponsor as well as a lot of his classmates.  It’s been a blessing to me to have their friendship and see life from a completely different perspective.