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 At Brookstone, we know that all children bear God’s image, and we believe that all children deserve a great education, regardless of their family’s financial status. We support under-resourced families to educate children spiritually, socially, and academically. Because our partners cover more than 80 percent of education costs at Brookstone, we depend on your support to equip our students.

 Students benefit from gifted teachers, small class sizes,   highly trained tutors, and weekly chapel. We also offer   after-school and academic summer programs. Your   investment can provide students with exactly what they   need: challenging academics, enrichment opportunities,   and access to resources to help them transition to high   school and beyond.

Help Us Help You

Through a corporate partnership with Brookstone, you’re doing more than just supporting our mission, you’re supporting the community through the children that we serve and providing benefits to your organization,
employees and customers.

We offer our corporate partners the opportunity to attend our high-profile fundraiser dinner which draws people from the region who represent many different communities in Charlotte.

At Brookstone, we have a healthy volunteer program to encourage our partners and their employees to engage with and get involved in the community in a meaningful way. For more information on how to volunteer at Brookstone, contact us at

“We always say we get more out of this relationship than they do, but we know this collaboration results in great things for these kids by making educational programming available to deserving students and paving the way for future employment opportunities and mentorships.”

Horne Heating and Air Conditioning


Brookstone Schools is a non-profit, Christ-centered K-8 school that was founded in 2001 to provide lower-income students access to educational opportunities and resources needed to maximize their potential. Funding for the initial start-up came from a small group of citizens who wanted to make a difference for under-resourced children and families in our community.
We serve a multi-racial population, currently 174 students, with 97% students of color and 70% of our families at/or below the poverty level. Students come from all backgrounds; families do not have to be Christian to apply.


We are dealing with a crisis in our community. A growing population of under-resourced children are failing in school and on a downward path of hopelessness and poverty.

Early, radical intervention is critical for low-income children. We see our mission as empowerment – giving students from an early age access to year-round educational opportunities and the support they need to flourish and become responsible, self-sufficient adults.

Our mission is to glorify God by equipping under-resourced students academically, spiritually, and socially for future lives of leadership and purpose. Our vision is to see our students become confident, educated and college bound. We hope to see them one day participating as full members in the civic, cultural, and economic life of our community.

Our education model is comprehensive: rigorous K-8 academics, access to enrichment and sports, emotional support, spiritual nurturing (e.g., weekly chapel), and Pathways – a program that supports graduates through high school graduation. We seek to develop well-rounded students who will flourish in all aspects of their development.



Increase enrollment and give more students access to challenging academics & year-round learning opportunities.


  • Classes (K-8) for the 2023-24 academic year. JK-8 in 2024-25 academic year.
  • Classes for our summer literacy program will be filled (~150 children).


Close the achievement gap for under-resourced students.

  • 90+% of students (K-8) will be at or above grade level in core subjects by year-end.
  • Students (K-8) who are low-performing in reading will work with our academic support program.
  • · Learning resources are available.




Promote growth and development through enrichment and sports.

  • Students will have access to activities and enrichment to help them become well-rounded individuals (music and art programs, PE classes, sports programs).
  • Middle school students (7th & 8th graders) will receive life skills training to prepare for transition to high school (e.g., study skills, essay writing, test prep)


We rely on measurable outcomes for accountability for academic success.


  • 85% of 3rd -5th graders score at or above national norms in reading
  • 96% of 6th- 8th graders score at or above national norms in reading
  • 94% of 3rd – 5th graders score at or above national norms in mathematics
  • 94% of 6th -8th graders score at or above national norms in mathematics

Strong Foundation Laid in Elementary/Middle School Years

Long Term Impact

Since 2016, 27 graduates have received scholarships to some of the top independent high schools in our city (Covenant Day, Charlotte Christian, Carmel Christian, Charlotte Latin, Cannon School etc.). Other graduates have gone on to excel in magnet programs or high performing charter schools.

Upward Mobility – Brookstone alumni have 99% graduation rate from high school.

Many Brookstone students are the first in their families to go to college (attended such colleges as Florida State University, U.S. Air Force Academy, Appalachian State, NC State, Virginia State University, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Greensboro, UNC Charlotte, and Tufts University).

    In the past three years, Brookstone has expanded its services to better meet the physical and mental needs of students. We formed a partnership with C-4, a counseling and mental health group whose clinicians help students with unaddressed emotional needs. C-4 trained teachers use a trauma-informed teaching approach, which factors in how trauma affects learning and behavior. Last year we added a Mental Health Site Supervisor with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy who is also a Brookstone graduate.

    Historically, Brookstone did not have a sports program and being able to have our own team sports was long overdue. Athletics promotes health, discipline, teamwork, and resilience.  We now have a full-time athletic director to oversee team sports and recreation. Through volleyball, basketball, flag football and soccer, students are learning the value of hard work, teamwork, and leadership skills.

    Responsibilities of the Board, Staff, and Volunteers

    We have a diverse board made up of sixteen people with experience in finance, education, business, and governance. They are committed to helping Brookstone realize its vision to scale up to serve 300 students over the next 5 years. They set our annual fund goals accordingly to our growth trajectory. Board members play an active role in fundraising and growing mission awareness in the city.

    Brookstone is blessed to have mission-driven teachers who ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure students’ success. We attract and retain talented teachers and sta as well as invest in professional development that empowers teachers to help students realize their full potential. Of our 19 full-time teachers, the average number of years of experience is 12 years with 40% earning advanced degrees in education.

    Prior to COVID, we had over 300+ volunteers at Brookstone.  Their time and talents – whether as tutors, classroom assistants, or lunch buddies – added great value to our mission. All our volunteer programs are now back up and running.


    John Murray, Head of School

    A Vanderbilt and Dartmouth graduate with twenty-five years in education and leadership, he is leading Brookstone to the next level in terms of mission impact. Murray reports to the board and is ultimately responsible for the financial, academic, behavioral and life changing success of the school’s mission. He is firmly committed to providing services that address critical needs of our students – cognitive, social, and emotional health.

    Financial Highlights

    Current School Year Operating Budget: $3.9 million

    • 13% of Operating Budget for admin/fundraising
    • 78% of Operating Budget serving children & youth
    • 9% of Operating Budget for management

    Sources of Revenue

    • Tuition fees per student are determined on a case-by-case basis based on the financial family situation
    • On average the tuition fees paid by families of those enrolled cover only 4% of the total cost of their child’s education
    • North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship provides roughly one-fifth of the school’s revenue
    • All remaining revenue comes from donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations

    Corporate Partners of Brookstone Schools

    Title Sponsorship: $25,000 – Gift can help fund an 8th Grade field trip to Washington, D.C. and Academic Summer Camp Programming
    • 10 complimentary tickets to the Gala dinner ($1,500 value)
    • Acknowledgement in printed materials at our annual fundraiser
    • Acknowledgement of your sponsorship in the Charlotte Business Journal, our social media outlets and our printed event program (Logo and Title)
    • Advertising space on our announcement board
    • Logo and link to company on our website 
    • Company name/Logo on the weekly school newsletter leading up to the Gala 
    • Logo on Field Day Tee Shirts
    Gold Sponsorship: $15,000 – Gift can help fund Teacher training and continuing education and ASEP (after-school) Programming
    • 10 complimentary tickets to the Gala dinner ($1,500 value)
    • Acknowledgement of your sponsorship in the Charlotte Business Journal, our social media outlets and our printed event program (Logo and Title)
    • Logo on Field Day Tee Shirts
    • Logo and link to company on our website
    Silver Sponsorship: $10,000 – Gift can help fund the Music Program, two days a week for a full year and Classroom Technology needs (SMART boards, etc.)
    • 10 complimentary tickets to the Gala dinner ($1,500 value)
    • Acknowledgement of your sponsorship in the Charlotte Business Journal, our social media outlets and our printed event program (Logo and Title)
    • Logo and link to company on our website
    Bronze Sponsorship: $5,000 – Gift can help fund the Middle School Retreat in September and 5 Faculty MacBooks
    • 10 complimentary tickets to the Gala dinner ($1,500 value)
    • Acknowledgement of your sponsorship in the Charlotte Business Journal (Title Only), our social media outlets and our printed event program (Logo and Title)

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