As we approach graduation, we are proud to announce this year’s valedictorian, Cherie May and salutatorian, Kimora Williams.

Both students have shown excellence in and out of the classroom.


Cherie is a model student and has proven to be a supportive friend to others. Her favorite subjects are PE and science, and her favorite sport is volleyball. She would love to be a professional volleyball player one day! Cherie will attend Charlotte Christian School in the fall. 

Regarding her time at Brookstone, Cherie stated: 

“Brookstone has had a great impact on me, both individually as a student and a person. The school makes me comfortable, as if it’s my second home, and has never forgotten to teach us about the Word of God. I would like to thank the staff and especially my friends for making me realize family doesn’t have to involve blood only and for watching over me for the 5 years of my time here.”

Our salutatorian, Kimora Williams, loves science and has excelled on the volleyball court for our middle school team these past two years. She would like to be an anesthesiologist one day and will attend Hickory Grove Christian School in the fall. 

When reflecting on her years at Brookstone, Kimora shared:

“My time at Brookstone has been a blessing. It has impacted my relationship with God and others in many ways. While being here, I have enjoyed playing sports, making memories, and growing as an individual. I will miss Brookstone a lot but I’m really excited to see what the future holds for me.”

We will greatly miss Cherie, Kimora and their 8th grade classmates, but we are excited to see what God has in store for them.