May is Asian and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month and Brookstone is blessed to be represented by this diverse population of students.

By God’s grace, despite new cultural challenges and 11 different dialect backgrounds, our students are thriving.

Beverly Kosa, Emily Kim, and Phua Kyi, 6th grade

The largest Asian immigrant group in our school comes from the Montagnard community of the Vietnam Central highlands. They have faced serious persecution in their homeland for decades. As Protestant Christians, many families have been targeted for their religious beliefs.

Thankfully, North Carolina has welcomed Montagnard refugees for many years and hosts the largest population outside of Vietnam.

We are honored to serve some of these families and students here at Brookstone Schools.

Hear from our Students:

“We are from the Montagnard culture in Da Lat, Vietnam. All of our mom’s side (Avelyn’s aunt) of the family still lives in Vietnam. We love when we have parties and eat Phô & Bun Thit Nuong.” – Beverly & Avelyn, 6th grade

“I am Jarai from the Montagnard culture in Da Lat. Most of my family still lives in Vietnam. I love to eat beef salad.” – Raphael, 6th grade

“I am from the K’ho / Montagnard culture. I love eating Bun Rieu. I love when my family prays on Sundays. We also have special languages that we speak to each other!” – Aiden, 6th grade

Many of our Asian immigrant students also come from refugee families escaping the civil war and authoritarian regime of Myanmar The suffering from the war continues today and has been devastating. Please keep the country of Myanmar and the loved ones of our families’ relatives who are still there in your prayers as well.

Helen Cing and Aaron Thang, 1st Grade

Hear from our Students:

“My family is from Myanmar. We love the dish called Mihinga. We also traditionally eat Laphet Thoke. I love the beautiful clothes that my culture wears!” -Kaw, 7th grade

”My family is Zo. We love to eat Bamboo with dry tea leaf. I truly just love all of our food!” – Mang, 7th grade

”My family is from Myanmar (Mara tribe). We often times eat Laphet Thoke. My favorite tradition is Christmas Caroling with my family. We also have really cool clothes.” – Sam, 7th grade

”My family is Burmese. We eat a lot of Laphet Thoke (which is also known as a Burmese tea leaf salad). Our cultural clothes are vibrant and bright. I love when we do the Chin Bamboo Dance.” – Philip, 7th grade

What a privilege to serve such a diverse community here at Brookstone. I am reminded of the picture of heaven described by the Apostle John in Revelation 7:9, “After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb,”