Admission Requirements

Brookstone Schools exists to raise up the next generation of leaders from Charlotte’s inner-city neighborhoods by caring for the entire child and inviting families to invest in the lives of their children. The following are family guidelines for admission.

Income Guidelines

The family portion of scholarship is determined by the family’s Form 1040. Payments are determined on a sliding scale according to income.

Completed Application

Families must complete the application form which can be downloaded from this website.

Transcript Form

Families must provide a report card, standardized test results, and EOG for two previous school years, or a preschool or day care evaluation for kindergarten and first grade applicants. Families must also provide IEP and 504 plan.

Teacher Recommendation

The student’s current teacher should complete a recommendation and return to Brookstone Schools.

Parent Covenant

The Parent/Guardian must sign and uphold the commitments specified in the Parent Covenant including attending teacher conferences and school and family events.

Student Readiness

Each student must complete an individual assessment to determine academic placement or kindergarten readiness.