Welcome to Brookstone Schools

Brookstone Schools is a non-denominational Christian school incorporating a biblical worldview into quality education for under-resourced families in Charlotte. Our students learn not only facts but also how to use this knowledge in all aspects of their lives. They are encouraged and challenged to be respectful, mature, disciplined leaders who live in accordance with Judeo-Christian values.

We invite you to visit the school, come meet the children, and join our community of friends who are helping to change Charlotte one child at a time.


In 1996 a diverse group of concerned citizens came together with a vision to found a non-profit, Christ-centered school in Charlotte’s urban core. Their task was to provide quality education and moral teaching to low-income urban children; their hope was in God’s protection and provision to make it happen. Brookstone opened its doors in 2001 and has grown steadily to become the flourishing ministry it is today.

From a seed planted in prayer, the school has blossomed to become a beacon for under-resourced children in Charlotte, NC.