A Night of Promise


Thank you to all of our guests of this year’s Brookstone Friend and Fundraiser. We hope you were inspired by the stories shared by our teachers, encouraged by the news of our school year, and empowered to see a change in our community by helping to close the educational achievement gap. If you were not able to join us, please allow us to share some highlights below! 


Our Speaker

We had the pleasure of hearing from Dr. Anika Prather, Director High Quality Curriculum and Instruction at Johns Hopkins University, and the founder of The Living Water School in Southern Maryland. Dr. Prather shared about her research on the importance of the Classic Literary Canon and access to a classical education for African American students. Like Dr. Prather, we believe all students deserve the benefit of access to a quality education. At the end her speech she received a standing ovation. For more information about Dr. Anika Prather, visit https://drprather.com/


The Highlights

During the event our honored guests got to hear from teachers Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Lewis. We shared a glimpse into Brookstone, from how we view our students, how students should view themselves, our excellent faculty, and the blessings we can report from a year of growth! See the video below. 

We want to thank our students Airel Lewis and Tyler Nelson for being our student presenters as well as Za’Kiah Lee for sharing the blessing.

For more information on supporting or getting involved with Brookstone, see below or email us at development@brookstoneschools.org or volunteer@brookstoneschools.org 


If you’re like us, you believe many more children deserve to thrive and succeed.

But it will take all of us.

Thank for Helping Support Brookstone!

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