Lunch Buddies

One of the best ways to overcome socio-economic challenges affecting academic achievement is for children to have supportive relationships with concerned adults. This is the rationale behind the Brookstone Lunch Buddy Mentoring program. The commitment is lunch once a month (though you are welcome to come as often as you would like!). A small commitment, but extremely powerful in the child’s life as we have seen tangible positive changes in children through their relationship with Lunch Buddies.

We pair you up with a student and he or she will be your lunch buddy for as long as you are able to serve with us. Feel free to bring your lunch to eat, as well as a smile and heart to love and support a student!

Volunteer Testimonials

During my initial visit to Brookstone, I was immediately impressed by the caliber and quality of the students, teachers and staff that I met during my tour. Through volunteering at the school in the Lunch Buddy Program, I feel I have an opportunity to not only help equip my lunch buddy for success in school and beyond but also have a kingdom impact on the next generation of leaders in this city.
Nothing brings me greater joy than helping a child know how loved he/she is. The children's sweet spirits and love for life invigorate me each time I'm at Brookstone.