Brookstone uses nationally recognized curricula that are carefully chosen to challenge students to excel in every academic area.


Analytical Grammar: This is a step by step logical approach to teach all parts of speech, punctuation rules, and classic sentence diagramming for grades 6th – 8th.

Superkids Reading Program for Grades K-2nd: Superkids is a literacy program built on systematic phonics using an Orton Gillingham approach that also integrates reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

Reading for Grades 3- 8: Students are assessed and placed in ability grouping for reading instruction.  Love of reading and an enhanced worldview are promoted through the use of  Leveled Readers and Chapter Books for best results.

Institute in Excellence for Writing: IEW provides an instructional model that develops listening, reading, and thinking skills through writing with proven results.

Shurley Grammar: Students in grades 1-5 develop strong grammatical understanding through this interactive program. As students become proficient in grammar, they are given opportunities to practice and edit using various formats of descriptive, narrative, and expository writing.


Singapore Math: This program uses an inquiry approach with hands-on manipulatives to teach depth in both computational mastery and mathematical reasoning. It uses Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) in teaching math. Students are introduced to a new concept with manipulatives to help them see and understand the math. Students then move to seeing pictures of manipulatives on paper or a screen so they can see the image in their minds. They then replace the pictures with numbers which are abstract. A majority of our students love math because they have such deep understanding of the concepts.

History and Social Studies

The Story of the World curriculum written by Susan Wise Bauer teaches history about our world’s civilization from Ancient Times through Modern Times with stories that illustrate life. This approach is engaging for all ages.  


Elementary students use hands on science experiments to build their scientific inquiry with Mystery Science curriculum. Upper school students use Purposeful Design curriculum that is aligned to NC standards, and taught with a Biblical  worldview.


The Purposeful Design Bible curriculum focuses on the foundational teachings of scripture in connection with God’s character and attributes and how to know Jesus Christ personally and live for Him.