Frequently Asked Questions

What grade levels does Brookstone have?

We currently offer Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Do Brookstone students take the North Carolina End of Grade (EOG) tests?

Brookstone students do not take the North Carolina EOG tests as these tests are written for public school students. Our students take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills which is a nationally norm-referenced achievement test. Our students’ achievement tests are compared to students across the nation, not just the state of North Carolina. By the time Brookstone students graduate, more than 95% meet or exceed the North Carolina learning goals.

How does Brookstone track a student's progress?

We use various tests to track student progress throughout the year. Testing helps us observe what gains each child makes from August to May. We also give a standardized assessment, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, to see how well our students score on a national scale.

How do Brookstone students perform on nationally norm-referenced achievement test?

Academic averages of graduating classes place in the top 30% of the country.

Where do Brookstone students go after they graduate?

Typically one third of Brookstone students attend public school following graduation. Another third of Brookstone students attend charter schools, and the final third enroll in Christian schools.

How do Brookstone graduates perform after they leave Brookstone?

We are pleased with alumni success following their graduation from Brookstone. More than 20% of alumni are on the A Honor Roll, 55% are on the A/B Honor Roll, and 10% have B averages. This means that 85% of Brookstone alumni have GPAs of 3.0 or above.

What are your class sizes?

The maximum class size K-3rd is 12 students. The maximum class size 4-8 is 20 students. We have a full time assistant teacher in second grade.

When do you accept applications for the next school year?

We begin accepting new student applications in March for the next school year. Application packets are normally available by the end of February.

How do you accept students?

Students’ applications are reviewed on a first-come basis. Factors included in acceptance are age, previous grades, siblings enrolled in school, and testing levels.

How much does Brookstone cost?

The full cost to educate a child is $10,000 per year. However, Brookstone Schools offers generous scholarships to ensure families who wish for their students to attend are not deterred by financial limitations.

Is Brookstone accredited?

Brookstone is registered and licensed by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction. The state monitors our records annually and examines the immunization forms, academic progress, and health and fire inspections. Our records are current and in line with the state requirements. We are a member school of the Association of Christian Schools International and will be going through their accreditation process in a few years. Locally, we are affiliated with the Greater Charlotte Association of Christian Schools.

Do you provide transportation?

Parents must provide their own transportation to and from the school.

Do students wear uniforms?

We have a dress code that requires navy blue pants/shorts for boys and navy blue skirts/pants/shorts for girls. Boys and girls are required to wear white shirts/blouses with collars. In the winter, students may wear a navy fleece provided by the school. White or dark athletic shoes or dark colored casual shoes are permitted (No sandals or rollers).

Do you provide lunch?

Students are required to bring their own lunch each day as we do not have access to a kitchen to provide lunch for students.

Do you provide early drop-off?

The school does not provide a before school program. Please ask the office for a list of local providers.

Do you provide after school programs?

Yes, we are pleased to offer a variety of after school programs. These include tutoring, enrichment programs, and sports programs. Please visit our Extended Day webpage to learn more.

Do you offer special education services?

Brookstone attempts to address academic issues for students who are struggling, but we have limited resources. Parents of students who need speech therapy can arrange to have a private speech/language pathologist work with their child during school hours. We may or may not be able to provide limited accommodations for students who have previously been given an Individualized Education Plan in the public school setting.

How do I apply?

Click here for information about the application process and to download an application.