Fast Facts

197 students for the 2019-20 academic year.

$3.3 million for the 2019-20 school year. Less than 6% of the budget is collected in student tuition and fees. The remainder comes from donations from individuals, foundations, and churches that support Brookstone’s mission and work.

Operating Budget $3,300,000
Cost per student $10,000

On the IOWA Test taken in the spring of 2019, Brookstone students in 1st- 8th grades scored at the 66th percentile in math and reading.

DIBELS reading assessment showed 91% of third graders achieved reading proficiency by year end. Upper elementary reading outcomes were equally good: fourth grade at 90% and fifth grade achieved 100% proficiency.

Student ethnic distribution
Asian 18%
African-American 80%
Hispanic 1%
Caucasian 1%
Total number of employees 30
Total full-time teachers 18
Total administrative/office staff 8
Total certified teachers 100%
Total teachers with advanced degrees 5
Average teacher experience 8.3 years
Number of volunteers 315
Number of “lunch buddies” 163